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Remove Ads 1.4

System wide ad removal

Remove Ads is a simple program that provides system wide ad blocking. View full description


  • Works across the entire system
  • Effective at blocking ads
  • Reduces risk of infection


  • Crashed a few times

Very good

Remove Ads is a simple program that provides system wide ad blocking.

Ad blocking isn't anything new. There are extensions on many of the major browsers like Chrome and Firefox that can block ads that show up on web pages but it doesn't block any other ads that show up in other programs.

If you use free software, sometimes you'll notice that ads show up. Remove Ads will create a blacklist of ad websites and block them so that ads can't show up. If you find ads intrusive to the experience of the app, Remove Ads will help block those with a few easy clicks.

The interface of Remove Ads is simple. It shows if the program is active (you can disable ad blocking if you wish) and if your software/databases are up to date. If they are, just hit the refresh button and they will automatically downloaded. You can even view the database of web addresses that are being blocked by the program.

Blocking ads with Remove Ads will also help with the performance of your computer, as it doesn't have to load images or video that will slow down your computer. Remove Ads will reduce the risk of installing adware or malicious applications that are included in ads.

Remove Ads offers impressive adblocking capabilities and a simple interface. Highly recommended.

Remove Ads


Remove Ads 1.4

User reviews about Remove Ads

  • by Anonymous

    Crappy software..
    Piece of crap. Will not uninstall completely although it was removed from programs. This softw...   More

  • by Anonymous

    lousy software.
    very lousy software. its just a nuisance. i tried to uninstall still cannot remove fully.   More